Spine-Chilling Hospital Ghosts Stories

Nurses and hospital staff have their share of creepy hospital ghost stories.

hospital ghost story
He told me to tell the pediatric doctor not to cry anymore (youtube grab).


A cardiologist at our hospital died a couple of weeks ago. His house caught on fire. His wife, along with their two children also died during the accident. All four of them were found in the bedroom hugging each other.

There’s this kid, 7 years old, his doctor was a pediatrician at our hospital, and been there a lot actually. The pediatrician was at a loss to with what to do with the kid. He was brought there by his mother, because the kid insisted he has been talking to his father a lot. His father died a couple years ago, and I’m not sure how or why. The pediatrician found nothing wrong with the kid.

A couple of days ago, the kid insisted on seeing his pediatric doctor, he didn’t say why, but was persistent. He kept bugging his mom to bring him to the doctor immediately. End of the day, she brings his kid to the hospital. Upon entering, the kid just stopped. In the lobby there was a photo of the deceased cardiologist, with flowers and well wishes. The kid sees it and tugs at his mom, “That’s the guy who talked to me a couple of days ago,  they’re all ok and happy.” So the mom takes the kid to his doctor, and the pediatric doctor is just, shocked and overwhelmed at the same time. The pediatric doctor was close friends with the cardiologist, and have been in a sad state these past couple of days.

The part that freaks me out is that the cardiologist never met the kid patient ever. I do believe that science can explain most things, but maybe not everything. If there was an “I see dead people kid” in real life, I’d bet that’s the kid. –Jorgensnap

hospital ghost story
They were told the hospital has no no nurse named Brian (numist.net).


When I was 12, my grandmother was at the hospital for pneumonia and went into a coma. She passed away about 12 hours later. However, before she died, a young male nurse named Brian made sure my family was comfortable and made sure my grandmother was not in pain during her final hours of life. Grandmother passed away. An hour or two later, my mother and her sisters went to look for this male nurse Brian who so kindly helped our family and my grandmother. They asked the nursing staff where he was…and they were told the hospital does not employ anyone of that description or name. – Ramathorn83


We had a black girl, about 10 in ICU that was severely injured in a car accident. Lots of brain damage. She didn’t die there but was moved to another facility after weeks and weeks.

After that, I know of 3 older black males, in their 50’s, that, if they were even mildly sedated, would ask about the little black girl with the ribbon in her hair who was sitting at the foot of their beds.

One guy said, “She asked me how I was doing, and then got up and walked that way” while he was pointing towards the 2nd floor window. He paused, a wide-eyed look came over his face, and then he said, ‘But I guess she really couldn’t have left the room that way, huh?”

Personally, I think she was taking care of grandfatherly figures. – Zashagalka

hospital ghost story
The little black girl was taking care of grandfatherly figures (littlethings.com).


I worked overnight security in one of the largest, best, and oldest hospitals in the US. My fellow security officers and I all have stories about one building in particular, but the one that I’ll tell is the one that happened to me.

Back story for this building: Built in the late 1800’s, it was the original psychiatric building for this hospital. Now being the late 1800’s, not much was truly known about psychiatric disorders. On top of that, this hospital was known for its medical research. With both of those facts combined, you can infer that some terrible shit was done to done of these misunderstood psych patients in this building. A couple years before I started working security there, this building had been converted into offices after the newly built part of the hospital dedicated a section for an updated psych ward.

My story: My rounds for that night happened to include said building. At night this building was empty, due to recently being converted into offices and the drones who worked there wanting to leave promptly at 1700, if not earlier. In some of their haste, they left their office doors unlocked, which is a big no no due to medical information being located in their offices. It was our duty to go to each floor, and make sure every door was locked, and if it wasn’t, to secure it ourselves.

I did my initial sweep of the building to make sure it was clear (nobody in the building), and proceeded to do my door checks. The hallways were pretty narrow, so I could check both sides of the hallway’s doors at once. At the end of this hallway there was two sets of doors you had to go through to reach the final office, which was a dead end. Everything was secure. Awesome. Time for the next floor.

I exited the two sets of doors from the dead end office and stood absolution frozen from what I saw.

Every door ajar. Set perfectly so their own weight wouldn’t cause them to shut again. And one wheelchair, at the end of said hallway, facing towards the steps.

I had heard other security officers outright reject that set of rounds due to strange stuff happening there, but I laughed it off until that night happened. Never took those rounds again. – WhereismyWhiskey

hospital ghost story
He is talking to the man who is sitting in the chair in the corner (scottfillmer.com).


I worked at a small privately owned nursing home. A lot of the patients had been there a long time. Naturally I was silly enough to take the night shift for two weeks right out of school to cover the night nurse who was ill.

This place had these old hallway lights that you had to stick a paper clip in this slot on the wall to turn them on and off (real safe right). There was one at each end of the main hallway. I carried the paper clip on my keyring. So there I am one night, I come in at 11 take report, set up supplies etc. I shut out the lights. The only light is from the lamp on my desk and the eerily red exit sign that cast this red wash all over the walls…reminding me of that scene in Halloween II where Laurie Strode is trying to escape from Myers in the hospital <chills>.

Anyway I’m standing at the med cart stocking med cups and I feel a whoosh of air. Its winter and no widows are open. I hear a rustling sound and think that it’s the resident in #3 who is restless sometimes at night. His room is about 6 feet from the med cart.

Now, being the brave nurse I am lol I decide to check to make sure he’s not trying to get out of bed. I go over to his room and find that he’s sound asleep. I do a bed check and everyone is sleeping and accounted for. The CNA is in the TV room doing flow sheets. I continue on with stocking.

A little while later I hear the noise again and this time see a figure out of my peripheral vision (they say spirits present themselves in your peripheral vision) pass by me into room 3. This time I’m not so brave. I take the CNA in with me who now thinks I’m nuts.

We creep into the room and find the patient sitting up in bed having a conversation with someone who isn’t in the room. When I ask him who he is talking to he tells me the man who is sitting in the chair in the corner. Naturally there’s no one in the chair. The aide and I settle him down and leave the room. – Nurset1981

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