Possessions and the Horrifying Demons

Since ancient times many people believed that horrifying demons can take over a person’s body. These horrifying demons are called evil spirits, devils and unclean spirits. Anyone who came under their power was is a demoniac, and the state is identified as demonic possession. 

Here are the horrifying demons who can take any person under their control.

horrifying demons
Pazuzu is the demon in the movie The Exorcist (moviepilot.com).


Pazuzu is the son of god Hanbi according to the Assyrian and Babylonian mythology. He is the king of the demons of the southwest wind known for bringing famine during dry seasons and locusts during rainy seasons.

The demon is described as gruesome combination of dog, eagle, scorpion, reptile and humanoid. His body is scaly and his hands and feet with claws. He has a snake-headed penis.

Although he is considered as demon, he played a valuable part as counter evil of the demoness Lamashtu. Lamashtu stole babies from mother’s womb. Pazuzu sent her back to the underworld.

Pazuzu is the demon who possessed Regan McNeil in the movie The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty.


Malphas is a mighty Great President of Hell commanding forty legions of demons. He usually appeared like a Crow but can manifest human shape. He has a croaky voice. He is a demon of war and magic.

He is known to possess a girl from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at Springs Church on March 2011 along with other two demons (Read here).

horrifying demons
Valak is depicted as a nun in the movie The Conjuring 2 (avclub.com).


Although depicted a nun in the movie The Conjuring 2, Volak or Valak is the Great President of Hell. He appeared as a child with wings riding a two-headed dragon. He commands 38 legions of demons and spirits.

He is often invoked by magical practitioners because he works to find “true answers of hidden treasures.” He is known for his strength and willing to share its power with those he deemed worthy.


Legion refers to a group of demons. The Gospel of Mark told the story of a possessed man encountered by Jesus. Jesus demanded the name of the demon but he found out the man was possessed by many demons who give the collective name Legion.

horrifying demons
Anneliese Michel was possessed by Belial and other demons in 1975 (thefeedph.com).


Belial is the demon of lies, considered as Beelzebub’s equal and created immediately after Lucifer himself. The demon is considered as the chief of all the devils. As his intention to deceive, he appears as an angel in burning chariot. He is one of the seventy-two Spirits of Solomon and, as one of the Enochian Demons.

Belial along with Legion and other four demons were said to have taken the body of Anneliese Michel in 1975.


Source:  Demonicpedia  Know Bible Facts from Fiction

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