The Enfield Haunting: The Conjuring 2 Real Story

The next installment of the horror film The Conjuring is release on cinemas this month. The Conjuring 2 is said to be based on real event that happened in 1977 to Hodgson family living in Enfield, England known as the Enfield haunting.

enfield haunting
The Hodgson home at 284 Green St., Enfield, England (


It all began in the night of August 30, 1977 when the simple household at 284 Green Street was disturbed by force they could not comprehend.

Peggy Hodgson heard Janet, 11, complained that her bed and her brothers’ Johnny, ten, and Billy, seven were shaking. The next night, Peggy caught a crashing sound from the children’s bedroom. Annoyed, she went to their bedroom to get the children to behave. However, she was shocked when she saw the chest drawer slide across the room. She tried to push the heavy oak chest but she cannot move it back. It seemed that unseen force was trying to trap them. The following nights, the family was troubled by knockings on the walls and ceilings.

The unexplained occurrences continued with reports of moving furniture and flying objects especially in the presence of Janet and her older sister Margaret, 12.

The family asked Vic Nottingham, their next door neighbor for help. Vic said he also felt the phenomena in the house. He and his wife checked the house after they heard noises from the walls. Vic was shocked when a single Lego flew towards him. The neighbors witnessed a pool of water appeared in the kitchen and saw doors open on its own.

John Burcombe, Penny’s brother put a camera on the children’s room to monitor the activities. When he checked the recordings, he found Janet positioned oddly on top of the chest drawer with her legs resting on the wall. The girl was sleeping.

enfield haunting
The Hodgson family was disturbed by force they could not comprehend (

Police were also called.  A female police officer reported witnessing a chair to slide across the floor. Police Officer Carolyn Heeps said the armchair moved four feet across the floor. She inspected the chair for hidden wires but found nothing. The officers told the family to refer the incidents to experts.

The family sought help from poltergeist experts Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair of Society for Psychical Research (SPR). The investigators were caught in a frenzy psychic activity.

Maurice said in an interview that they witnessed strange events in the Hodgson home. He was convinced it was a case of poltergeist. He mentioned that Lego pieces and marbles flew across the room, chairs floated and furniture moved by themselves.

Maurice and Guy observed that the center of the activity was Janet. Noises could be heard if she was around. Family members also claimed to have seen her levitating across the room. She went into violent trances.


enfield haunting
Family claimed Janet to have floated across the room (

As Janet and Margaret were interviewed by the investigators, Janet emitted a snarling male voice describing the details of his death. The possession was recorded. In one video, Maurice asked the poltergeist to manifest itself through knockings. The spirit was that of Bill Wilkins and confirmed he died inside the house 50 years ago due to brain hemorrhage.

The sisters also confessed they played the Ouija board before the strange happenings.

The Enfield haunting stopped the following year when a priest visited the Hodgson home. Janet left home at 16, married and moved to Essex. She is 46.


enfield haunting
The Conjuring 2 is heavily based on the Enfield haunting (


Skeptics expressed their doubts over the case of Janet saying the events were fabricated by the sisters. Maurice and Guy admitted they caught the children bending spoons themselves. Janet herself disclosed that some of the hauntings were fabricated.

Another controversy was that paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren had less involvement in the case.  The Warrens briefly explored the Enfield Poltergeist in the summer of 1978.

Source:  Daily Mail    21 Ghosts    History vs Hollywood 

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