The Strange Cases of Doppelganger

What would you do if you see someone else looks exactly like you?

An exact replica of yourself is called DOPPELGANGER. A doppelganger, a German word meaning “double walker” or “double goer” is a mystifying shadow self that is believed to go together with every person. The concept becomes one of the most fascinating supernatural thought as there are cases of seeing one person in two separate locations at the same time. Stories also held of people encountered their own twin stranger. Legends maintained that if you see your own doppelganger, it can be an omen of death.

A doppelganger is a German word meaning “double walker” (


There have been accounts of unexplained double appearance throughout history.

American President Abraham Lincoln experienced meeting his doppelganger on the night of his first election. He was so tired he decided to rest in a settee. He noticed in a nearby swinging glass that it reflected two of him – one with a ghostlike, livid face. Startled, Lincoln stood up and the apparition disappeared but when he took his seat again, it rematerialize.

He told his close friends Noah Brooks (Lincoln’s journalist friend), John Hay (Lincoln’s secretary), and Ward Hill Lamon (Lincoln’s bodyguard) about the experience. They rendered it as a mind trick since he was exhausted. However, his wife Mary interpreted the two faces as a sign that he would be reelected as President while the pale face was an omen that he would not live through his second term.

German statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe claimed he met his doppelganger when he was 22. According to him, he was travelling on an empty road one day when he saw another rider approaching him. As the rider neared him, he realized he was looking at himself who was wearing a gray suit. Years after, Goethe was travelling the same road but going to opposite direction and grasped that he was wearing the gray suit.

Emilie Sagée s double would appear and mirrored her moves (coolinterestingstuff).


Emilie Sagée was a teacher at the Pensionat von Neuwelcke, an exclusive girls’ school in modern day Latvia. The 32-year-old French woman was also an object of doppelganger. It is said that Sagée’s double would appear next to her and mirrored her moves while teaching a class. Although people around her could see her doppelganger, she was not aware of it. Witnesses said Sagée’s movement would became sluggish when her double surfaced. She said whenever it happened she felt weak and drained.

Her students also reported seeing their teacher in two different locations at the same time. It happened when 42 students were assembled in the school hall for their sewing and embroidery lessons. A teacher was supervising the girls. Outside, Sagée was tending her garden. When the supervising teacher stood and left the hall, Sagée’s apparition took the vacant seat. The girls could see her both outside in the garden and sitting inside the hall. Her phantom was motionless while Sagée’s movements looked lumbered.

She was asked to resign when parents pulled their children from school.


Leonardo di Caprio (left) and Konrad Annerud (


Konrad Annerud is often mistaken as actor Leonardo di Caprio.  A 21-year-old Swedish bartender has eerie resemblance to Leo when Leo was Konrad’s age. He sports a slicked-back dirty blonde hair and smoldering stare, says he is often confused with his 40-year-old doppelganger.

Photographer Neil Thomas Douglas has a chance encounter with his twin stranger. He boarded a flight to Ireland and seated beside Douglas Stirling who looked exactly like him.  Both have bushy ginger beard and hair and wore almost identical clothing. The two men flew from Glasgow, Scotland to Galway, Ireland on Ryanair.

Adding to the bizarre coincidence, Douglas and Stirling booked on the same hotel in Galway.


Douglas Stirling (left) and Neil Thomas Douglas (

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