Meet the People with Extreme Body Modification

Body modification is the purposeful alteration of the body for rites of passage, aesthetic and religious reasons.

Most people who undergo modification wanted to show self-expression. Tattooing and piercing are common body modification but it also include branding, scarification and surgical implants.

Here are people who undergo shocking extreme body modifications.



body modification
Lucky Daimond Rich (


Lucky Daimond Rich is known as the most tattooed man. Hundred percent of his body is covered with black ink including his eyelids, skin between his toes, ears, gums and foreskin.

Rich was born Gregory Paul Mclaren in 1971 in New Zealand and is a chainsaw juggler, unicycler and sword-swallower. He spent 1,000 hours and asked hundreds of tattoo artists for his body modification. His first tattoo was a small juggling club on his hip. From there, he become obsessed with inks in his body.



body modification
Elaine Davidson (


Elaine Davidson has over 6,000 piercings in her body.  Davidson was born in Brazil and is living in Edinborough, Scotland. Her first skin pierce was in January, 1997.

Since then, the former restaurant owner keep on adding and replacing jewelry in her face. According to her, she has over 500 pierce in her genitalia, both on the outside and on the inside.

She added tattoos and wear make-up to enhance her appearance.



body modification
Stelarc, born as Stelios Arcadious (


An Australian performance artist has grown his third ear on his arm. Stelarc, born as Stelios Arcadious, 61, allowed a human ear to grow in the laboratory. After 10 years, three European plastic surgeons worked on the implantation.

While the ear has no function yet, Stelarc plans to use his own stem cells to develop the implanted ear. He also planned to have Wi-Fi enabled microphone fixed to him so that people across the globe will be able to ‘tune in’ to him 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



body modification
Maria Jose Cristerna (


She has horns and fangs and is called the Mexican Vampire Woman. Maria Jose Cristerna from Guadalajara, Mexico reinvented herself after series of marital abuse. She has been doing body modification for 20 years. Aside from her horn implants and dental fangs, she has facial piercings, and multiple tattoos all over her body. Cristerna is a lawyer and runs a tattoo/jewelry shop.



body modification
Kala Kaiwa (


The world record holder of the largest non-surgically stretch earlobes is Kala Kaiwa, a native of Hawaii. Also known as the Hawaiian Mutant or The Horned Man, Kaiwa’s earlobes measures 109mm in diameter. Seventy-five percent of his body is also covered with ink.

Kaiwa has numerous subdermal and transdermal implants, a tattooed eyeball, numerous piercings, and a split tongue. He did the procedure of his split tongue using dental floss as well as his other body modifications.



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