Amarjeet Sada: India’s Youngest Serial Killer

“I killed by beating her with a brick,” Amarjeet Sada told police and he continued telling the gruesome account of how he committed the murder.  

youngest serial killer
Amarjeet Sada was only eight years old when he killed three babies (youtube grab).

When the police questioned him why, Amarjeet (sometimes Amardeep) only smiled and asked for biscuits.

Amarjeet was only eight years old but the young boy was labeled as the youngest serial killer in India having killed three babies. He was born in 1998 in Begusaray, Bihar, India and residing in the village of Musahri. His father is a laborer. Amarjeet’s family knew his history of murder.

In 2006, the boy murdered his six-month old cousin. Few months after, he killed his own sister who was eight months old. Both crimes were unreported because his family considered it as “family matters.” However, the village was shaken when he abducted a neighbor’s daughter.

According to the mother, Chunchun Devi, she attended to her household chores while the six-month old baby was asleep inside the village primary school. When she returned, her daughter could not be found.  The villagers confronted Amarjeet and admitted abducting the baby.  He led them to a shallow grave where he attempted to hide the body.

Villagers who knew of Amarjeet’s past murders confronted him regarding Kushboo’s disappearance. Amarjeet, seemingly proud of his actions, happily recounted the gory tale of how he killed the infant. He then led villagers to the shallow grave he had dug for Kushboo.

youngest serial killer
Amerjeet strangled his victim and smashed the head with a brick (

The boy was turned over to the authorities on May 30, 2007.

Amerjeet told police that he brought the baby in the field and laid her down in the grass. He strangled his victim and smashed the head with a brick. He attempted to hide the body in a shallow grave covered with grass and leaves. The boy returned home after.

Reportedly, all three murders went in the same fashion. Since the first two killings were unreported, police had no clear details and no official investigations into them.

Bhagwanpur police station officer in charge Shatrughan Kumar observed that the boy spoke little but smiled a lot. Experts said that Amerjeet could be suffering from conduct disorder that caused him to obtain a sense of fulfillment from imposing injuries on others.

Amerjeet was charged with murder and tried as juvenile. But the Indian law, the maximum imprisonment for juvenile is three years. It is possible he served his sentence in a psychiatric institute instead of a juvenile detention center.

Amarjeet Sada would be 18 years old and probably have served his sentenced. Rumored has it that he changed his name to ‘Samarjit’ and be able to manage his conduct disorder through rehabilitation and treatment.


Source:   The Post-mortem Post   Murderpedia


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