The Wolf Girls: Amala and Kamala

The feral children are human child who have grown up isolated from social connection from a very young age. Also known as wild children, these kids are unacquainted of human social manners or language. Some feral children have been abandoned by their own parents and have experienced severe abuse.

In 1920 two girls were found by villagers living deep in a wolves’ den in an abandoned termite hill in Midnapore, India. The girls were called Amala, who they estimated to be eight years old and the younger girl Kamala, estimated to be 18 months old. They were discovered by Reverend Jal Singh, a missionary who owned an orphanage.

Amala and Kamala
Amala and Kamala was said to be raised by wolves (

According to Reverend Singh, villagers reported hearing noises from the abandoned termite hill. He led a group of villagers and broke down the termite hill. They uncovered three adult wolves, two pups and two human girls. The girls were naked, covered in dirt and were ferocious.

Dubbed as wolf girls, they were given names Amala and Kamala as they were introduced back to the society. They lived in the orphanage. But, the girls preferred the company of cats and dogs. They sleep during the day and awake in the night. At night they would howl like wolves, calling out to their “family”. The two girls showed wolf-like behavior as they remained walking on fours and biting and attacking other children when aggravated.

Amala and Kamala preferred raw meat
The girls preferred raw meat (

Reverend Singh narrated that the girls have sharp sense of smell, sight and hearing. They have sharp-edge teeth and favored raw meat. There was an instance when they tear a chicken limb from limb before eating. They seemed to be unresponsive to cold and heat and appeared to show no human emotions, apart from fear.

A year after their discovery, Amala died due to diarrhea and of a kidney infection. Kamala refused to leave her sister’s body. People had to be removed her from the coffin. Kamala survived and learned social skills and few words to communicate. She died in the orphanage after eight years.

However, French surgeon Serge Aroles revealed that the story of the wolf girls as documented by Reverend Singh was a hoax. Aroles wrote his conclusion in his book L’Enigme des enfants-loup (Enigma of the Wolf-Children, 2007). According to his research through interviews with witnesses, Amala and Kamala had none of the anomalies described by Reverend Singh such as fangs, nocturnal visions and walking on fours. Although the girls did exist, they were not raised by wolves but instead suffered from developmental and birth defects.

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