Villagers in India Worshipping Two-Headed Calf

Villagers in India believed that the two-headed calf is a miracle (Mirror).

As cow plays a consecrated part in Hindu traditions, villagers in Pannuganj village, in Uttar Pradesh, northern India have been gathering to revere the newborn two-headed calf.

According to the 47-year-old farmer Dharam Veer Singh, many people are visiting his farm to offer prayers and gifts to the “holy cow.” The villagers considered the animal with one body and two heads as a miracle.

The two-headed calf was born last week but the owner worries for its health due to the effort for its mother to feed it. Singh narrated that the calf cannot stand on its own because of the weight of the heads. He hold the calf in his hand to help its mother for feeding. The two heads are fed one at a time.

Owner Singh worries for the health of the animal (Mirror).

“The calf has two heads with a common head bone. A doctor suggested some vitamin injections but said an operation was impossible,” Singh said in an interview.

Meanwhile, another bizarre-looking animal caught the attention of villagers in Baker County, Florida. The two-headed cow was named Anabel and was born also last week. Anabel has two heads with a total of four eyes, two mouths, two noses and two ears.

Anabel is another two-headed calf born in Florida (Daily Mail).
Anabel is another two-headed calf born in Florida (ABC News).

Farm owner Dwight Crews said Anabel is too frail to take her head up to suckle from her mother. The family decided to feed the calf through bottle four times a day. They are hoping that the animal live long but a veterinarian told them that the animal might survived for more or less 40 days.

According to experts, the two-headed cows are suffering from polycephaly. The condition happened when an embryo begins to split into twins but discontinues, meaning that the twins remain attached.

Daily Mail reported that the condition is possible with one in 400 million times. Each head of a two-headed animal has its own brain and they share control of the organs and limbs.


Source:  Mirror   Daily Mail 

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