One urban legend that sends chill to the spine and causes sleepless nights is about a woman who was dubbed The Expressionless who told everyone she is god.

A woman showed up in a bloody white gown in June 1972 (

It was narrated that a woman showed up in Cedar Senai Hospital in LA, California in a bloody white gown in June 1972. What shocked the doctors and staff was the kitten clamped between her teeth and blood pouring out from the animal’s body. She pulled the poor animal from her mouth, threw it then she fell down.

The doctors and staff hurried to her and noticed something strange. Although she moved like human, her mannequin-like face was flawless and coated with make-up. She had no eyebrows.  She was also utterly calm from the moment she showed up and remained expressionless. Most of the staff felt disturbed in her presence. The medical team decided to restrain her and called security.

She did not appear human (youtube grab).

However, she turned extremely fierce as she started to fight back when the staff tried to hold her back. Throughout the struggle her face remained vacant. When a male doctor held her, she turned to him – and smile. What others saw made them scream in terror. The woman had long, sharp spikes instead of teeth.

The doctor could not help but asked “What in the hell are you?” but she continued grinning.

Before the security reached her, she attacked the doctor and ripped his throat. She stood up and leaned over him and said “I am god.”  She left the doctor grasping for air and met the uniformed men who suffered the same fate as the doctor.  She fled from the hospital.

The staffs who witness the incident dubbed her The Expressionless. Nothing was heard of her again.

Although the story of The Expressionless passed under urban legends, people claimed to have witness the incident said it actually happened.

Speculations pointed out that the woman might be suffering from mental illness and her catatonic state was a result of medication or drug use. Some asserted that she was a demon. Others argued that it was merely a story meant to scare.


Source:  Creepy Pasta   EnkiVillage

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