Terrifying Accounts Shared by Morticians

Funeral directors and morticians
Funeral directors and morticians have a dose of creepy tales (businessinsider.com).
A funeral home or mortuary provides burial and funeral services for the dead and their families. These services may include a prepared wake and funeral, and the provision of a chapel for the funeral. People who work here have glimpse of life, death and even something else beyond death.

What is more spine-chilling than hearing stories from the mouths of babe.  Here is a list of three creepiest stories shared by funeral directors and morticians.

The Other Occupants

One building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who had a heart attack while working there for the Walker Funeral Home. We called the ghost Gino for the man’s first name. While stationed there at night we heard many footsteps above us where his office once was. One time we had to leave the building all together because we heard what sounded like a basketball dribbling upstairs that got stronger and louder until the point that paint from the ceiling began falling on us. One female that worked there woke me up screaming one night saying she felt someone touch her and then saw an older fat guy run for the stairs. This was enough to get me to leave again, and this is only one of the buildings.

The adjacent building was the place of many more hauntings that I heard of. My own experience is only one that kept recurring. Most nights as we were returning to quarters from a run, my partner and I would scope the parking lot for vagrants or people that shouldn’t be there before we opened the bay doors. While looking on more than one occasion, we would see a light on in the adjacent building on the top floor. There should have been no lights on. Figuring someone had gotten inside, we would watch the building for more lights. No other lights ever came on, but on every occasion a young woman in a dress would come to the window and stare at us.

creepy house
Occasionally, a young woman in a dress would come to the window (forgottenoh.com).

One night, after seeing the figure, we got brave and called some law enforcement friends from the area to help us search the building. We went to the room that had the light on expecting to find a vagrant camped out there. The only thing we found was a room that had untouched dust on the floor and no light bulbs in the sockets. We got the willies and split. We never went back into that building at night.  – shared by former employee of Walker Funeral Home

The Man in the Blue Suit

My first encounter with the spirit world inside of a funeral home took place back in 1999.  I was a lowly funeral assistant back then whose duties involved greeting families, floor work at visitations and funerals, answering the phone and cleaning. It was my job to come in early, clean the funeral home up, turn all the lights on and prepare for the funeral service that would begin later that morning.

After reading a portion of the daily newspaper and drinking a few or more cups of coffee, nature called.  I didn’t want to miss any phone calls inquiring about the morning’s funeral service, or God forbid miss a family who walked into the funeral home, so I used the small employee restroom in the back of the funeral home and left the door open to listen.  As I momentarily stood there taking care of business I heard footsteps walking up the hallway towards me.  I turned my head and saw a man in a suit walk by the doorway, turning his head to look at me as he walked by.  I was humiliated.  Here I was standing there using the restroom with the door open and a family walked in.  I shouted “I’m sorry, Sir, I’ll be with you in one second.”  I couldn’t have possibly been more embarrassed.  I quickly washed my hands and went out to meet him.

I walked to the front of the funeral home and found nobody there.  “Sir” I shouted, but nobody answered.  I figured he must have gone back to his car to wait until the time of the funeral before returning, so I went to the front door to check the parking lot.  I pushed the door and suddenly felt my stomach drop.  The door was still locked.  I had forgotten to unlock the funeral home when I arrived that morning, and it hadn’t even occurred to me that I didn’t hear the door chime from somebody walking in before seeing a man walk past me.  There was simply no way that anyone could have been in there other than me, and I most certainly didn’t hallucinate what I had just seen.

I wandered back into the parlor, though this time the air wasn’t as thick or uncomfortable as it had been an hour or so prior.  I was getting ready to walk out when something caught my attention.  It was the blue suit, white shirt and red tie that the deceased gentleman in the casket had on.  I walked up to the casket and froze when I looked at the man’s face.  His features, his hair and his suit were unmistakable.  This was the man who wandered down the hallway and turned to look at me as he passed. – Shared by Midwest Mortician

Funeral home casket
It was the man in the casket who wandered down the hallway (liebegottbrown.com).

Someone Called Her Name

I live and work in a mortuary in San Antonio, Texas. I was recently given the opportunity to become a resident of the Mortuary I now work for — and being the weird kind of guy I am, I could not pass a chance such as this.

I moved in on a Thursday afternoon. With my girlfriend’s help, I had everything moved in by the time night came. The funeral home was opened that night until 10:00 p.m. I figured I would go ahead and stay the night in my apartment there. My girlfriend always stays with me until about 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. That particular night, my bathroom was out of order so I was using the bathroom in the family room. My girlfriend was in the bathroom by the employee lounge on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE BUILDING.

On my way back to the apartment, I heard her scream.

I ran to the other side of the building to see what the matter was and she said she heard someone whisper her name. I told her it was OK and we headed back to the apartment. I was spooked, as was she, so we both went to her house to stay the night. – Shared by Mortimer

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