Pontianak: The Vengeful Spirit of a Woman

The incident happened on a Malay couple with their baby as they were driving along the expressway on a late night. As they got into the tunnel, their car broke down. He got off the car, opened up the engine and apparently was doing something there. The wife just waited in the car with their baby.

As the engine cover was turned up, the lady could not see what her husband was doing in front. Few minutes passed there was no movement or sound from her husband. She started to get worried as the baby started crying.

As the family got into the tunnel, their car broke down (dialnice.szm.com)

Two police patrol cars passed by and stopped some distance away. The policemen rushed out of the car and screamed to the woman, urging her to get out. The wife obliged after she grabbed her baby and ran towards the police car. As she was running, they kept shouting at her to hurry and asked her not to look back. She suddenly thought of her husband. She turned her head back to take a look while continued running.

To her horror, she saw three ‘pontianak’ with lots of blood on their mouth. She saw one of them holding her husband’s head and licking off the dripping blood while two others were busy sucking the blood from the man’s body.

The Pontianak is the vengeful spirit of a woman (listogre.com).

Two policemen, fearing that she may stop running upon seeing that, rushed to her and dragged her into one of the police car. They shot off as fast as they could after that. Seven policemen witnessed this incident. When the police got there, the man was lying there headless and ‘bloodless’. The police, after interviewing the widow and the seven policemen who witnessed the incident, decided to close the case. – Highway Nightmare

The Pontianak is the vengeful spirit of a woman who died tragically during pregnancy or who was spurned and murdered by a lover.  It is the most famous, scariest and violent ghost in the Malaysian and Indonesian cultures. Pontianaks have been sighted on highways and villages.

The Pontianak is also called kuntilanak (indomagic.com)

Referred to as kuntilanak the scornful spirit often dressed in white. Its face covered by its long hair. The Pontianak usually showed its presence through a sound of a crying baby. It is said that if the cry is soft, it means that Pontianak is near and if it is loud, the ghost is remote. Some account held that unusual wail and scratching sounds are signs that the scornful spirit is ready for its next victim either a pregnant woman or man in sight.

Legend says the Pontianak sometimes disguised into a beautiful woman a nice floral fragrance of the ‘kemboja’ (a type of flower).  When the terrifying creature revealed its true nature, it uses its long sharp fingernails to consume the victim’s body in a desperate search for the unborn baby.

Malaysian and Indonesian households usually keep long nails to ward off the vengeful spirit.


Source:  Indo Magic    Hungzai   World Horror Stories

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