Mother Kills Her Daughters on Diminished Responsibility

Samira Lupidi confessed she killed her two daughters (

A 24-year-old mother denied murdering her children but admits killing them on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Reports stated how Samira Lupidi confessed to the court how she killed her two daughters so that her ex-boyfriend could not see them. She blamed him for killing them. She admitted to the jury she stabbed Jasmine, one year old, and Evelyn, three years old, to death with a 25cm kitchen knife.

Italian national Lupidi accused the father of her children Carl Weaver, 31 of physical and psychological abused. It was told that on November 16, 2015, Lupidi with her daughters fled from their home in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire and seek refuge in a women’s shelter. She told social workers in the refuge that Weaver would kill them.

: Jasmine, one year old, and Evelyn, three years old (

On November 17, Lupidi was seen running from the room they occupied and shouting that she had ‘killed the children’. Her hands were swathed in blood. The girls were found in their room bathed in blood and a kitchen knife was recovered.

The children were rushed by the social workers to Bradford Royal infirmary but both were declared dead on arrival. Autopsy revealed both children sustained nine stab wounds to the chest and multiple incision wounds.

Lupidi narrated that she stabbed the two children because she do not want his ex-boyfriend to have them. She was quoted saying “If I can’t have them, he can’t have them either.”

She told the court that Weaver physically assaulted her and controlled her financially and psychologically. According to her, he gave her limited money for clothes and food. What pushed her to escape for refuge was when she heard him talking to his family about taking the children away.

The prosecution denied Lupidi’s plea for manslaughter. Instead she will be tried for murder.


Source:  The Guardian    BBC


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