Leeds Castle stood on two islands in the middle of a lake in Kent, Southeast England. The castle was a royal residence for England’s medieval queens.

In 16th century, King Henry VIII took residence at the castle with his wife Catherine of Aragon. Catherine was his brother’s widow. Henry VIII wanted to secure a male heir during his reign. He had a one surviving daughter Mary and was afraid that his 40-year-old wife could not give him a son. He asked Cardinal Wolsey to appeal to Pope Clement VII for an annulment so he can marry Anne Boleyn. The Pope refused.

leeds castle, haunted castle
Leeds Castle is one of the haunted castles in England (historvius).

However, Henry VIII married Anne, who was pregnant, in a secret ceremony. She gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth. Henry was frustrated after two miscarriages and still no son for him. He ordered her arrest for charges of adultery and was executed at the Tower of London.

Henry got another wife Jane Seymour who finally gave birth to Edward in 1537. She died after giving birth and granted funeral fitted for a queen. After Jane, there were other wives until his death in 1547. He was buried in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle next to Jane Seymour.

Following his death 500 years ago, Henry VIII with his wives still walk along the passageways of the castle. Security staff and visitors of the castle reported the apparitions believed to be of King Henry VIII, some women, a baby and a black dog.

Witnesses claimed seeing a ghostly woman gliding along the corridors. Another female phantom is seen in a long flowing dress brushing her hair in the Queen’s room. Few years ago, a CCTV camera of the security of Leeds Castle captured a ghostly hooded figure opening a fire exit door.

The famous haunting is the ghost of a black dog. Witnesses described the dog as a ‘black curly-haired retriever’ which fades or passes through walls and closed doors. The dog was said to be owned by Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester and wife to the Lord Protector. She was accused of witchcraft and was held at Leeds for a short time prior to her trial in 1440. The black dog became connected to death and misfortune.

Recently, another apparition was witnessed in one of the rooms of the castle supposed to be the ghost of one of Henry VIII’s daughters.

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Source: Mysterious Britain   BBC   Eerie Place

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