The Himuro Mansion and its Dark History

The Himuro Mansion (or Himikyru Mansion) is known to have the darkest history in the entire Japan. The exact location of the mansion is not identified but legends say it is located at a rocky region outside Tokyo.

The Himuro Mansion is well-known spot of abysmal rites performed by Himuro family. The rituals such as the Strangling Ritual, the Demon Tag Ritual, and the Blinding Ritual were done to ward off bad karma from consuming the family members. The tale held that bad karma would appear towards the end of the year from a portal on the Mansion’s grounds. The rituals were carried out to keep the gate of Hell closed which was a family duty.

The ritual commenced as the Family Master picked a baby girl and raised her isolated. The girl they called “The Rope Shrine Maiden” should not have any influences from the outside world, else the ritual would be a failure.

 Himuro Mansion
The Himuro Mansion has the darkest history in the entire Japan (youtube grab).

On her coming of age, the Strangling Ritual would be performed. The legs, arms and neck of the young girl would be fastened with ropes attached to teams of oxen or horses. The animals would tread in four opposite directions, sectioning the girl. The ropes used to bind her would be immerse in her blood and placed over the gate of Hell. The ritual is repeated for another half of century.

The Steps to Himuro Mansion
The Mansion is well-known spot of abysmal rites performed by Himuro family (

The family kept the rituals for many years until the last recorded Strangling Ritual. Lore said that ritual for “The Rope Shrine Maiden” went disastrous because she had fallen in-love with a man. The man tried to save her from the tradition. The “tie to Earth” tainted her blood and instigated The Calamity. The Family Master killed all of his family members then took his own life.

The Mansion was said to be abandoned for many years. Until Ryozo Munakata and his family moved into the mansion in the hopes to study its mystery. However, the entire family vanished.

Years later, Junsei Takamine and his research team went inside the house but also went missing. Miku Hinasaki searched the mansion to look for his brother, Mafuyu who was part of Takamine’s group. She, too disappeared without trace.

Locals narrated strange things happening around the Himuro Mansion. Apparitions dressed in white, rinsing cloths were seen in the vicinity both at night and in broad daylight. There were reports of seeing spirits preparing for burials. Blood splashes on the walls were allegedly spotted.

Locals said that the souls of the family members who were killed keep on trying to repeat the failed ritual. People who dared to enter the abandoned house were found dead with rope marks in their bodies. Others were described to be torn to pieces scattered in the underground tunnels.

Source:  The Unexplained Mystery    Paranormala

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