Parents Seek Help for Son with Too Many Extra Fingers and Toes

Parents of a baby from China seeks assistance as to how best to treat their son who was born with too many extra fingers and toes.

Hong Hong, four months old from Pingjiang County in Hunan province, has 15 fingers and 16 toes. What complicates more is that the child has two palms on each hand and no thumb.

Baby Hong Hong has 16 toes (

Hong Hong has polydactylism, a congenital condition of having extra fingers or toes that happens in humans, dogs and cats. Experts said the condition is common deformity found at birth in about 2 per 1,000 birth.

According to doctors, the extra finger or toe may be a tissue with no bones or it may be complete with extra bone in the hand or feet. Whatever the case, many can be treated at birth by surgery.

The 4-month old baby has 15 fingers, two palms on each hand but no thumbs (

However, Hong Hong’s case might be slightly complicated. Aside from the child is still too young to undergo surgery, doctors advised the family that Hong Hong needs reconstruction of his thumbs aside from the removal of his extra toes and fingers.  Opposable thumbs have functions in the grasping ability of humans.

The polydactylism is usually hereditary (

The polydactylism is usually transmissible as Hong Hong’s mother has six fingers and six toes.


Source:  CNN   Huffington Post  Dr. Greene

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