Andrei Chikatilo: The Butcher of Rostov

While he was stabbing his victim, The Butcher of Rostov was aroused and had an orgasm. He found the cure for his impotence.

His Childhood

Andrei chikatilo
Chikatilo was 42 when he started his career as serial killer (

Andrei Chikatilo  was from Yabluchne, Ukraine born on October 16, 1936 from a farmer parents.  During his childhood, Stalin imposed agricultural collectivization which caused starvation of millions of Ukrainian citizens. The historical event was dubbed Holodomor.  The effects of the famine were still widely felt, and Chikatilo’s early childhood was influenced by deprivation.

He claimed that he had not eaten bread until he was twelve. His family often eat grass and leaves from trees to endure their hunger. When he was five, his mother narrated how his older brother was kidnapped and eaten by neighbors seven years ago. He believed his mother because evidence of widespread cannibalism was well documented during and after the Holodomor.

Chikatilo is alleged to have suffered from hydrocephalus at birth. This caused him genital-urinary tract problems later in life, including bed-wetting. His mother whom he shared bed constantly beat him and humiliate due to his bed-wetting.

The boy was also bullied in school because he was wearing thick glasses for his short-sightedness. The bullying intensified for his father’s cowardice when he was captured and held prisoner during the war against Germany. He did well in school but failed to pass in Moscow State University. When he reached puberty he knew he was impotent. However, when he wrestled a young girl, he ejaculated during their struggle. From then, he associated sex to violence.

Her sister arranged his marriage to Feodosia Odnacheva in 1963. Fayina knew he was unable to maintain and achieve erection. They agreed to have Chikatilo ejaculate externally and pushed his semen inside her vagina with his fingers. Fayina gave birth to a daughter and later a son.

In 1971, Chikatilo obtained his degree in Russian literature and started working as a teacher. He was unable to maintain discipline and was bullied by his students. He was called Goose in mockery of his long neck and slouching posture. The students called him faggot and assaulted him. He carried a knife on the job. He changed career as a factory supply officer in Rostov-on-Don.

The Killing Begins

Chikatilo was 42 when he started his career as serial killer.

Yelena Zakotnova
His first victim was 9-year-old Yelena Zakotnova (Wikipedia)

The first victim was 9-year-old Yelena Zakotnova. In December 22, 1978, he lured the girl into an old house and attempted to rape her, but he failed an erection. He strangled Yelena and stabbed and was only able to achieve sexual arousal and orgasm. He suddenly realized he was only able to achieve arousal and an orgasm through stabbing and slashing women and children to death. The cure to his impotence was found.

Three years would pass before Chikatilo killed again. On September 3, 1981, the next victim was 17-year-old Larisa Tkachenko. The girl was choked to death with soil and leaves. Later, she was mutilated with teeth and a stick. A nipple was also torn from her body. Chikatilo had developed the taste for human flesh and his murder spree started.

In 1983, he murdered four victims before September. The victims were all women and children – prostitutes or young runaways who could be enticed away with alcohol or money. He made friends with them at train stations and bus stops, before persuading them into nearby forest areas. Chikatilo would attack them, attempt rape and use his knife, to mutilate them. In a number of cases he ate the sexual organs, or removed other body parts such as the tips of their noses or tongues even when the victim is still alive. He confessed later that his favorite is the uterus.

During the next 12 years, he killed, mutilated, and cannibalized at least 53 victims. During his trial he earned the title The Butcher of Rostov.

The Trial

In November 1990, when The Butcher of Rostov was spotted in a Rostov railway station. He had bloodstain on his face and hand. When arrested, policemen observed a disturbing odor emanated from his skin. Later if was found out that the smell was caused by the rotten human flesh in his digestion. After eight days of interrogation, Chikatilo confessed a total of 55 murders, leading police to several corpses they had not discovered yet.

Andrei Chikatilo inside a prison cell
Chikatilo was inside a cage during his trial (

While on trial on April 14, 1992, Chikatilo was inside a cage. Doctors’ evaluation determined he was suffering from borderline personality disorder with sadistic features but he was declared legally sane and competent to stand trial.

On February 15, 1994, he was convicted and sentenced to death by shooting – a single bullet to his head.


Source: Bizarrepedia   Twisted Minds  Biography

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