No Explanations yet for Strange Foam covering Fukuoka in Japan

Thick layer of foamy bubbles enveloped the streets of Fukuoka town (

The local officials of Fukuoka town have no explanations yet on the thick layer of strange foam enveloping the streets of the southern Japanese city.

A spokesperson said they are currently investigating the strange foam which appeared Saturday morning when a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit the Kumamoto region two days after an earlier magnitude 6.5 quake had struck the same area.

The strange foam appeared after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake (bendedreality).

Fukuoka is 90km away from Kumamoto, the epicenter of the earthquake. Residents of Fukuoka recounted strong shaking but little injury from the two quakes, which took place on Friday and Saturday.

People in the area have been posting photos in the social media, some even describing it as “disgusting.”

Some guessed that the foam may be a result of a leak pipe underground but not much evidence is available. Others alluded that it may be a foam to prevent fire although there were no fire trucks in the area.

Source: Mirror  The Weather Network

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