Berlin Zoo Approves Stan and Olli living together

stan olli
Stan and Olli just preferred each other and only each other (


The German capital zoo accepted the fact that Stan and Olli, two king penguins just preferred each other and only each other.

Initially, the two penguins were sent to Berlin Zoo as part of European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) to have baby king penguins and warrant the continued existence of their sort. However, zoo keepers were unsuccessful to make them pair off with female penguins.

Berlin Zoo handlers decided to allow the lovers to settle down together as couple. Spokesperson Christiane Reiss have told German news agency dpa that they are moving the lovers to a male-only penguin nature preserve in Hamburg, Germany.

“They’re gay, as far as we know,” dpa quoted Reiss. “They never procreated. And when it came to mating, they only mated with each other.”

Now, Stan and Olli have found home at Tierpark Hagenbeck which also houses another gay penguin couple named Juan and Carlos.


Source: Metro   ABC News

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