Real-Life Ken Doll Diagnosed with Necrosis after 24 Cosmetic Operations

Following a nose reconstruction in February this year, the living Ken doll was rushed to the hospital when he noticed a horrible hole slowly eating his new nose.

Rodrigo Alves noticed a hole began to develop in his nose (dailymail).

Brazilian national Rodrigo Alves was diagnosed with necrosis and doctors warned him of the infection that may spread through his face from his nose if not removed. Necrosis is the common side effect of plastic surgery where the body cells die prematurely due to lack of blood supply.

Alves narrated that after his nose job, a hole began to develop in his nose and his septum appeared to come sagging.  He has difficulty breathing and so he went to a hospital in Malaga, Spain. He is now receiving antibiotics through an IV drip.

“I had nose reconstruction three months ago and it appears the new cartilage has been rejected by my body,” Alves told The Daily Mail.

Alves, who suffered from body dysmorphic disorder, undergone 42 cosmetic surgeries to transform himself into a Ken doll.

Rodrigo Alves before he undergone dozens of cosmetic surgeries (dailymail).







The 32-year-old flight steward hailed from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but now lives in London suffered from body dysmorphic disorder. He admitted of being “deeply unhappy” with his looks so he endured dozens of surgeries for more than a decade.

Alves as a real-life Ken doll (intouchweekly).

Three years ago, Alves also went through dangerous complications after undertaking an operation to improve his biceps, triceps and shoulders with silicone. The chemical oozed into his system causing a swelling of his arms.  Doctors drained the fluid from his body and he was close to death.

Alves spend cost of about $400,000 for his cosmetic surgeries in the hope to treat his body dysmorphic disorder.

Source: 9news  Daily Mail

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