Poveglia Island: The Festering Blemish of Italy’s History

Poveglia Island has the reputation as the most haunted and most evil place in the world (news.au).

Italy is well-known for its beauty and art. But behind all these, lies a “festering blemish” that too many people are trying to avoid.

One island among the many in the lagoons of Venice is infamous for its tumultuous history gaining its reputation as the most haunted and most evil place in the world.

During the Roman Era, the island was used to segregate plague victims from the general population. This happened again when Black Death hit Europe. The island became the dumping site for people who showed slightest sign of sickness. Most ill were taken from their home and to Poveglia screaming and pleading. The plague victims – men, women and children were thrown into piles and along with the dead were set on fire.

When the bubonic plague hit Venice in 1348, Poveglia was exploited as a quarantine island along with the other small islands in Venice. In 1442 until 1631, Black Death stayed in Venice claiming more than 80,000 deaths. And once more, those who displayed symptoms of the disease were dragged to Poveglia where they wait for their death.

In 1922, a mental asylum was built in Poveglia. The patients and staff in the hospital reported seeing ghosts of plague victims and hearing the tortured wails of the suffering spirits. However, since they were considered mad, their complaints were disregarded.

Adding horror to the island was the mad doctor assigned in the mental hospital who committed all kinds of cruelties to his patients. He experimented on his patients using crude tools and methods. The doctor would lead his victim to the bell tower were tortured and subjected to a number of inhumane horrors. Legend say that the doctor began seeing the tortured spirits and led him to the bell tower where he jumped. He survived but was choked by a ghostly mist.

The Poveglia’s soil is said to be 50% human flesh (huffington post).


In the 1960’s, the island was bought from the Italian government but sold it. A family sought to buy the island and build a holiday home on it. However, they only stayed for a night and refused to narrate what happened.

With so much death, the Poveglia’s soil is said to be 50% human flesh.

Today, the island of Poveglia in the Venice Lagoon is completely abandoned and coming to the island is strictly prohibited.


Source:  Slightly Warped  Mental Floss  Travel Channel   

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