Scientist Unearthed 1,500-year-old Female Mummy Wearing Adidas

Archaeologists excavated partial remains of a female ancient mummy who is believed to have died 1,500 years ago in the Altai Mountains in Mongolia. The discovery created a shock when images of the remains showed traditional footwear similar to Adidas complete with the iconic stripes.

mummy wearing adidas
Scientists unearthed a female mummy wearing footwear similar to Adidas (


One netizen reacted and wrote: “Didn’t know they had Adidas back then…” While another asked “The mummy had on some Adidas in the first pic?”

But experts are more amused of the latest findings as it gives understandings into the primeval Mongolian life. It is the first Turkik burial to be revealed in Central Asia.

B. Sukhbaatar, researcher at Khovd Museum, shared that they are carefully opening the body to precisely determine the gender. “This person was not from elite, and we believe it was likely a woman, because there is no bow in the tomb,” he told Siberian Times.

With the remains were a saddle, bridle, clay vase, wooden bowl, trough, iron kettle, and an entire horse.

1500 year old mummy
Experts were fascinated with the findings (


B. Sukhbaatar further explained that the horse was purposely sacrificed. It was a mare, between four and eight years old.

“These finds show us the beliefs and rituals of Turkiks. We can date the burial by the things we have found there, also the type of hat. It gives us a preliminary date of around the 6th century AD,” the researcher said.

Scientists believed that the height and cool temperatures helped preserved the grave.


Source: Express

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