Is it Possible that the Human-like Goat a Product of Union Between Man and Mother Goat?

The newborn goat has human-like features (


Following the news on the newborn goat with human-like face, experts expelled the notion that the baby goat was a result of sexual encounter between a human being and the mother goat.

Veterinary doctor Han stressed in an interview with Sin Chew Daily that it is impossible for a goat and a human man to produce offspring because their genes were different. “If the female goat had been sexually abused by a human being, it was impossible for it to give birth to a human-faced goat because their genes were totally different,” the doctor said.

According to experts, there are possible causes of genetic mutations especially among animals – unusual sexual behaviors among its kind, contamination during antibiotic injection and radiation.

“Medically we call this genetic monsters. I must stress that it is mere coincidence that the baby goat looks like a human being. From the medical point of view, such deformity is not unusual, and the newborns normally do not survive,” the veterinary doctor added.

Villagers of Felda Sungai Mas in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia were mystified when news circulated about a goat giving birth to a kid with man-like face. The animal appeared to be like that of the mythical fusion of goat and human commonly referred to as fawn.

Ibrahim Basir was baffled when he learned that one of his goats gave birth to a baby that have some parts like a human infant.

“When I went to check I was quite shocked but fascinated too as its face, nose, short legs and even the condition of its soft body seemed like that of a human baby, whereas the light brown fur covering its whole body resembles that of a goat,” Ibrahim said in an interview.

Aside from the human face, the newborn goat has no umbilical cord, according to the farmer. The animal did not live long believed to be crushed by the mother causing its death.

Ibrahim turned over the carcass to the Veterinary Services Department so exerts could study the case.


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