The Curious Case of Gil Perez: From Manila to Mexico in a Blink of an Eye

Teleportation is the instantaneous transfer of person or object from one place to another. The time and space anomaly may seemed to appear in science fiction only but there are accounts of teleportation. One is the case of a guardia civil who, in the blink of an eye was awakened in a different world very far from where he remembered.

Gil Perez was transported from Manila to Mexico in a blink of an eye (

Gil Perez was a Filipino Guardia civil, wearing the uniform of the guards of Palacio Del Gobernador in Manila. According to records, he was on his post on October 24, 1593 providing tight security following the assassination of the governor Gomez Perez Dasmarinas. Perez, tired from his duty, wanted a quick break so he decided take a rest and lean against the wall. He closed his eyes for a while but when he opened it, everything around him became unfamiliar.  Gil found himself in Mexico City’s Plaza Mayor, 9,000 miles away from Manila.

Mexican authorities questioned the confused Perez before the Holy Tribunal of the Inquisition.

Under questioning, Friar Gaspar de San Augustin wrote Perez’ story:

“My name is Gil Perez. As to standing sentry here, I am doing as nearly as possible what I was ordered to do. I was ordered this morning to mount guard at the doors of the governor’s palace in Manilla. I know very well that this is not the governor’s palace and evidently I am not in Manila. Why or how that may be, I know not. But here I am, and this is a palace of some kind, so I am doing my duty as nearly as possible. Last night the governor of the Philippines, His Excellency Don Gomez Perez Dasmarinas, had his head cracked with an axe and is dead of it.”

Despite his claims, the Filipino soldier was put in jail for his unbelievable story of teleportation.  They even called Perez a servant of devil.

Few months of staying in jail in Mexico, a ship from the Philippines arrived bringing news of the death of the governor. They said that they knew Gil Perez but did not know he was in Mexico. The last time they had seen him was on October 23. There was no way he could travel from Manila to Mexico in an instant. Eventually, the Mexican authorities permitted Perez to go home through ship.


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