The “TalhotBlond” and “MarineSniper” Love Affair: Cyber Romance Gone Bad

18-year-old "Tommy"; 46-year old Thomas Montgomery; 22-year-old Brian Barret (Topology).
18-year-old “Tommy”; 46-year old Thomas Montgomery; 22-year-old Brian Barret (Topology).

The love affair began in 2005 when MarineSniper entered a chat room in the popular game site “Pogo.” There, he had a chance to chat with “Talhotblond”, an 18-year-old athletic high school senior from West Virginia. MarineSniper decided to pretend he was also her age and a Marine bound for Iraq. When in fact, he was a 46-year old Thomas Montgomery, married and a father of two.

The two flirted as Thomas was thinking there will be no chance of meeting the girl. It was all a game. Talhotblond whose real name was Jessi even sent sexy pictures to Thomas and in return, she asked him to send her his photo. Thomas sent his 30-year-old picture from Marine boot camp. Before long, the game became a romance.

The online relationship began to eat Thomas as he described it “more real than real life.” The feeling seemed to be reciprocated as Jessi would tell him how much she loved him. Thomas planned of moving to West Virginia to be with Jessi.

However, Thomas’ daughter intercepted an IM from Jessi when she used her father’s computer. She alerted her mother and found love letters, pictures and tokens from Jessi including a pair of red panties. The wife sent a family picture to Jessi telling her that Tommy was actually 46 years old and married with kids. Jessi was horrified and asked Thomas’ co-worker 22-year-old Brian Barret if it was really true. Jessi ended the relationship.

Brian, who called himself “Beefcake” on the same chatroom comforted Jessi. Jessi and Brian became a cyberitem as the two started sending pictures with each other.  Thomas felt so much jealousy and sent hate messages to Jessi. The jealousy turned into betrayal and revenge.

Thomas was enraged when he learned that Brian planned to meet Jessi in person.

On September 15, 2006, Thomas shot Brian with a military rifle in the parking lot where they worked. When police could not found Thomas, they knew just where he was headed. The police went to Jessi’s home to make sure she was still alive.

The police were shocked to another surprise – they met Mary Shieler, an overweight 45-year-old housewife who was Jessi online.

The police were shocked to find out that Jessi was a 45-year-old housewife named Mary Shieler (
The police were shocked to find out that Jessi was a 45-year-old housewife named Mary Shieler (


Further investigation revealed that Mary was the one sending messages to Thomas posing as an 18-year-old girl under the name Talhotblond. The pictures she sent were those of the real Jessi, her daughter.

Thomas Montgomery was charged and later plead guilty to the murder of Brian Barrett while Mary Shieler was never prosecuted for any crime. Her husband divorced her and her daughter, the real Jessi, has nothing to do with her.


Source:  Examiner   ABC News

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