Astronomers Uncover “INVISIBLE” Dwarf Galaxy Orbiting Milky Way

A group of astronomers recently revealed the discovery of another galaxy circumnavigating the Milky Way silently.

Astronomers at Cambridge University detected Crater 2 in January through the images taken from the Very Large Telescope (VST) in Chile. Crater 2 is a dwarf galaxy containing only a few billion stars. The discovery is also tagged as invisible galaxy since its stars are spread out, Crater 2 is darker than the neighboring galaxies.

“A galaxy like Crater 2 is a sort of invisible object,” Dr. Vasily Belokurov of the University of Cambridge said in an interview. “We have found many similar objects in the last 10 years, but never such a large beast. It is orders of magnitude less luminous compared to most objects of similar size. It is extremely diffuse.”

dwarf galaxy orbiting the Milky Way
Scientists detected Crater 2, a dwarf galaxy orbiting the Milky Way (

Belokurov also mentioned that Crater 2 is orbiting the Milky Way like the moon orbits around the Earth. It is located 390,000 light years from our solar system. Crater 2 being a dwarf galaxy is a sixth of the size of Milky Way.

“If we could see it with our naked eyes, it would look twice as big as the full moon,” the astronomer added.

Astronomer Gabriel Torrealba described Crater 2 as unique because of its shape. Research found out that the latest finding is round unlike other satellite galaxies that are warped by the gravitational forces.

The Scientists speculated that possibly there are other “invisible” galaxies orbiting the Milky. Belokurov and his team are spending the new galaxy-spotting method via computer algorithm to examine pictures taken by the VLT.

Last year, the same research team marked nine new dwarf galaxies travelling round the Milky.

Source:  Science Alert  The Mind Unleashed  Business Insider

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