Are these Images Captured on Camera Confirmed that Angels Exist?

Angels, according to Catholic Online, are the name applied to certain spiritual beings or intelligence employed by God as His messenger. But do angels exist? This question sparks debates among believers and skeptics. To prove or disprove its existence, images and videos circulate the web for everyone to scrutinize.

Here are some images of angels captured on camera:

Angel on Stage

A radiant, glowing white figure was captured on camera during a praise and worship conference (

Images that were believed to be an angel gained the attention of many. The pictures were taken during a Promise Keepers praise and worship concert at Cedar Falls, Iowa in 2013. A Pastor took a photograph of men leading worship using his iPad. When he looked at his screen, a light-imbued form appeared with the men. He looked at the stage but the “white glow” was not there. He proceeded to take another picture of the stage and saw the same image.  Both photographs showed “a radiant, glowing white figure.”

Angel or Virgin Mary?

proof of angel
Erin Potter and the image on her background (

Another picture circulated the net was of a child with cancer and an image resembling an angel in the background. The girl was Erin Potter from Kirtland, Ohio battling leukemia.

The photo taken by a neighbor put Erin on view running through a field holding sparklers. Behind her was a blurry red figure arms extending. The mysterious figure appeared to be watching over the child. Her parents suggested the figure resembles the Virgin Mary.

Angel outside the Door

Hospital staff was puzzled with the glowing man standing outside Chelsea’s room (

Chelsea Banton was fighting for her life when she was brought to the hospital. Her parents became hopeless and accepted she was beyond saving so they agreed to remove her life support. However, the girl stayed alive for hours without the life support.

What baffled the hospital staff was when they saw a glowing man standing outside the room of Chelsea. But when they checked, no one was there.

Her family believed that the glowing man was Chelsea’s guardian angel.


Car Wreck Savior

A white image was captured at the scene of the accident (

Rose Benvenuto got involved with a terrible car accident when a stray dog suddenly appeared in front of her. The volunteers were shocked when they arrived at the scene and find the driver still alive with just minor injury.

They took a photo of the scene as part of their investigation and were puzzled of an image captured. They went back to see the negative on the film only to come across the image was also there. Rose believed it was her savior angel.

Angel at Grand Canyon

A very bright image over the Grand Canyon (
A very bright image over the Grand Canyon (

A tourist was on a bus tour to the Grand Canyon and took photographs along the way. Four days after, he checked his pictures and noticed the white spot in the middle of the sky in one of his photos. He said none of the pictures before or afterwards had the same mark.


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