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The Horrors of Holodomor: Ukrainian Genocide

Ukraine suffered one of the most devastating events referred to as Holodomor. “Holodomor,” a name that means “murder through starvation.” Ukrainians believed that it was a genocide, it was planned to starve them out. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin introduced an agricultural collectivization program in 1928. His government forced farmers to …

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Don’t Dare Cross the Goatman’s Bridge

Behind the picturesque site of the Old Alton Bridge is a warning not to cross it especially when night falls. Legends says that a horrifying goatman haunts the passage thus the nickname the Goatman’s Bridge. Constructed in 1884, the Old Alton Bridge connected Lewisville to Alton of Denton Country, Texas. …

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The Ghosts of Eastern Air Lines Flight 401

The disaster of Flight 401 is considered as one of the worst in American aviation history. However, it is more than that as troubled spirits continue to haunt Eastern Air Lines until these days. Eastern Air Lines flight 401 departed at 9:20pm from JFK, New York to Miami on December …

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Some Weird Traits of Psychopaths


Are you a Psychopath? The psychopaths can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, they lack conscience and empathy, making them manipulative, volatile and often (but by no means always) criminal. Psychopathic traits include glib and superficial charm; grandiose sense of self; pathological lying; cunning and manipulative; lack of remorse or guilt; …

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Haunted Road: Gravity Hill Richfield, NC USA

Located on Richfield Road near Bringle Ferry Road, Gravity Hill is easily spotted by the graffiti painted by local teenagers. The beginning and ending are also marked by lines across the road. While some non-believers say Gravity Hill is simply an illusion, others adamantly defend the legend and the tragic …

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The Murdered Nun of St. Agnes Convent

Aside from being one of the oldest spots in Europe, St. Agnes Convent earned its reputation as one among the haunted on Earth. St. Agnes of Bohemia, sister of King Wenceslas I, founded the Convent between 1231 and 1234. The Order of Poor Ladies resided in the nunnery as St. …

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Restless Souls Haunt Village

restless souls

Restless souls haunt the residents of Sitio Libo, Barangay Tayud, Consolacion town in the Philippines. Villagers would shut the doors and windows of their homes. Women stopped washing clothes at the nearby water well while men no longer loiter for late-night gatherings. Residents reported a horrifying sight of a faceless …

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