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Haunted Road: Gravity Hill Richfield, NC USA

Located on Richfield Road near Bringle Ferry Road, Gravity Hill is easily spotted by the graffiti painted by local teenagers. The beginning and ending are also marked by lines across the road. While some non-believers say Gravity Hill is simply an illusion, others adamantly defend the legend and the tragic …

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The Murdered Nun of St. Agnes Convent

Aside from being one of the oldest spots in Europe, St. Agnes Convent earned its reputation as one among the haunted on Earth. St. Agnes of Bohemia, sister of King Wenceslas I, founded the Convent between 1231 and 1234. The Order of Poor Ladies resided in the nunnery as St. …

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Restless Souls Haunt Village

restless souls

Restless souls haunt the residents of Sitio Libo, Barangay Tayud, Consolacion town in the Philippines. Villagers would shut the doors and windows of their homes. Women stopped washing clothes at the nearby water well while men no longer loiter for late-night gatherings. Residents reported a horrifying sight of a faceless …

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Ghost Stories to Prep You for Halloween

Read these ghost stories at your own risk. Ghost Horse My son and I saw a ghost horse run across the road near our house. It was so freaky. At about 11:30 at night, I saw this flickering light on the hill up ahead of the headlights of my car …

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The Ladies of Haunted Hotels

A White Lady accompanies  local legend of tragedy. Some of these ladies frequented haunted hotels and make their presence known. The White Lady of Chico Hot Springs Lodge & Ranch Established in 1900, the historic Chico Hot Springs is located in in Paradise Valley. Between the mountains and the hot …

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Margorie McCall: A Case of Premature Burial

Margorie McCall was a victim of premature burial during the early 18th century. Her gravestone bear the words Lived Once, Buried Twice. Margorie grew up in Lurgan. She married a surgeon named John McCall – and lived in Church Place. One day she succumbed into illness and died. At her …

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Haunted Mining Towns of Chile

In the Chilean desert, two abandoned mining towns earned their reputation as two of the scary sides of earth. Local residents refused to step inside La Noria and Humberstone as paranormal activities happened inside the haunted mining towns.   Humberstone in the Atacama Desert was named after James Humberstone, a …

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Siquijor Sorcerer Brings Paper Dolls to Dance

siquijor sorcerer

Siquijor in the Philippines is known as “an island of witchcraft and the unknown.” A strange psychic phenomenon witnessed by many is the dancing paper doll. Philippine Journalist Jaime Licauco wrote his experience watching a Siquijor sorcerer brought the paper dolls to dance. Licauco shared: A strange psychic phenomenon we …

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